Dear Parents / Carers

Social media is a real concern for us as a school; students are often upset by the posts which other students make.  We do issue sanctions to those who do this as we will not tolerate cyber bullying in any form.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we do get posts from adults which are unpleasant and unacceptable.  Sometimes those posts are directed at staff working at the school.  If this is the case then the school will take action in the strongest way possible, potentially taking legal action.  We cannot allow defamatory or rude comments to be posted in a public forum.

We accept that sometimes parents / carers may not agree with the decisions made by the school.  There is a clear process for this by means of our Complaints Policy.  Posting comments is not the correct way.  Please do use the appropriate channels when registering your point of view.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Rednock School