This year we are launching an exciting, new class read as part of our Tutor Programme.

Reading has long been linked to academic success, but at Rednock we believe in the power of story-telling and the impact it can have on shaping the minds and paths of our students. Reading about the stories of others develops our empathy, challenges our assumptions and allows us to travel beyond the confines of our own lives, alongside, of course, improving our overall outcomes in school and beyond.

Over the next 12 weeks, each year group will hear stories of bravery, dystopian futures and unlikely friendships. Students will travel from 18th century Gloucester to the streets of Chicago hearing about topical issues such as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and a young boy’s quest for the meaning of life.

Listed below are the books that each year group will be listening to and exploring up until Christmas:

Year 7 – ‘Ghost Boys’ by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Year 8 – ‘The Dog Runner’ by Bren MacDibble

Year 9 – ‘Coram Boy’ by Jamila Gavin

Year 10 & Year 11 – ‘About a Boy’ by Nick Hornby (this text has previously been on the GCSE set text list and has some mature themes)

Year 12 & Year 13 – ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coehlo