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“Welcome to the Rednock School website.  I hope that you find the details about the school informative and helpful.

We are a fully comprehensive school where every child matters.  I am passionate about this philosophy; we do not select by ability or income – we want to improve children’s lives so that they are equipped for their next steps in a global society.

Rednock School is an ambitious and aspirational place; every student should achieve their potential whatever their starting point.  Exam outcomes are critical for today’s students to make positive steps in their lives.  In order to deliver the excellent education that every student deserves we provide a supportive and caring environment.  All of our staff are committed to taking care of students’ needs – both academically and pastorally.  In my experience of over 37 years in education, I believe that Rednock provides the best care and attention, second to none.

I am proud of the students, staff and the school.  We want to engage all of our community in this vision of excellence and the desire to achieve it.  I hope that the website will interest you in looking at the school and joining us.  I look forward to meeting you.”

David Alexander, Head Teacher   


Upcoming Events

6th Form Induction Day
Wed 26 Jun 2019
Year 10 Report Due Home
Thu 27 Jun 2019
Year 10 Left Population Work Experience Week
Mon 01 Jul 2019
Summer Open Morning
Fri 05 Jul 2019
Year 10 Right Population Work Experience Week
Mon 08 Jul 2019
Years 7 & 8 Rewards Trip; times to be confirmed
Mon 08 Jul 2019
PE Sports Awards Evening
Tue 09 Jul 2019

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Latest News

Head Teacher Blog #31

What a wet week! It has been hard work as we have had to be inside for most of the social time – which has been frustrating for all concerned. It never ceases to amaze me how the weather affects our moods. Is that pathetic fallacy? ( see “Wuthering Heights”).

A few highlights, however – firstly the Step Up group in Year 10 are volunteering as part of their skills passport. Several of the group actually gave up their holiday to do the volunteering – true grit! I am really proud of their achievements, some of which include changing a carburetor (I am lucky if I can change my shoes!); walking 5 days in a row for 4 miles and so on. They are inspiring in their dedication. Later in the same day, I witnessed them cooking a main meal in 40 minutes. Stunning.

One of our new staff, Ms. Burley has an unusual ‘ hobby’ which involved her in a competition last weekend…let her tell you herself:

“So the competition was the British Weightlifting Championships. From July - April each year, weightlifters in the UK compete in multiple competitions to place highly within the British rankings (within their weight category). After April, the top 8 ranked weightlifters the UK get an invitation to compete in the British Weightlifting Championships. This was my first year trying to qualify, as I am relatively new the sport and competing in weightlifting. Over the past few months, I've been competing to gain a place at the British Championships for the -71kg category. This included winning gold at the Welsh championships and ranking 1st my category in Wales.
At the British Championships, you have 3 attempts at a lift called a 'snatch' and if you successfully make a lift for that, you can move on to 3 attempts at a lift called a 'clean and jerk'. I lifted 80kg for the snatch and 102kg for the clean and jerk. These lifts combined gave me an overall score that secured me 2nd place within the competition against the best lifters in the UK. “

On Friday I met with Richard Hellen to discuss “Rednock going green”. This is not about being ill, it is about reinforcing our culture of promoting sustainability. Richard and I talked about various possible projects such as electric cars at school; Rednock eco fayre with market stalls displaying various ideas around sustainability. It was all incredibly exciting! The students are really keen on sustainability and want to participate in these projects. We want to involve the whole community to drive this forward. Watch this space!

I finished “ The Barcelona Way” this week; really absorbing read. Don’t worry I am not short of suggestions of books to read. On Wednesday, I met two parents who gave me more reading material – so I went and bought the book. It is so good to have a community interest in self-development.

Finally, polite reminder to everyone about maintaining courtesy. It is important that we are all cordial to each other even when presenting a challenge to something, which appears not to be right. Please do respect that staff who work on the front desk. They all work here because they want to offer as much support as they can to students and parents. We all work best when we work together. Thank you for your support.
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June 17th  ·  

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Attendance and Punctuality Winner 6th June 2019.

The winner of the prize draw for full attendance and punctuality Imogen Manning – congratulations Imogen.
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June 12th  ·  

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Highest Rewards Points 6th June 2019

Students with the highest rewards points this week - well done to them. The Community standings are:
Brunel - 77.00
Darwin - 81.28
Hubble - 76.25
Jenner - 80.55

Great work all, keep it up.
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June 11th  ·  

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Head Teacher Blog # 30

SO many things are in my mind as I write this! Firstly, I do hope that you have seen the consultation about our core values on the website. I know that some of you will wonder what on earth we are doing; the answer is simple. We want to check that we are all on the same page – that we are all part of the same team. So let me give you a small anecdote about me: I wanted to be a journalist before I ever wanted to be a teacher. Why? Well when Watergate broke (google it if you are not as old as me!) I was struck by the incredible investigative journalism, which uncovered the illegality of the President and his aides. I wanted to be that reporter righting wrongs. Fast forward 10 years and I found myself in education courtesy of Wandsworth council (more of that in another blog, if you are interested!). Why? Well the same core value: I wanted to make things right for others. As a free school kid, I wanted everyone to get the same chances as I did. SO my core values are that ‘everyone matters’ that everyone deserves the best. Equality is so important.
Why are core values so important? Easy: they help you make the difficult decisions. With money tight, the core values of supporting everyone mean that we put money into pastoral care; into alternative provision such as working on a farm; into work experience and so on. Please do let us know.

As you can see above, a team ethic is critical to me (core value!). That has led me to read a brilliant book: “The Barcelona Way” (thanks for recommending it, Mel). It is a superb analysis of why Barcelona have been so successful over a long time. It is not about football strategy, but about the importance of building a culture, which is supportive of each other; establishing, that everyone matters. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? I am going to send it to Ritchie Wellens!

Then, in Saturday’s Independent newspaper, there was an article about how doctors are using non-medical solutions to boost our well-being. First example in the whole of the country was Dursley, citing the use of the allotments next to the Vale hospital. Brilliant idea and well deserved recognition for those professionals. I was pleased to see third on the list – Swindon, where patients have been asked to walk more. I think that I have recommended Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s books before, but if you haven’t seen them – take a look. They are simple no nonsense pieces of advice for us to look after ourselves proactively so that we reduce the need for medical intervention. Well worth a read.

Finally – I met a parent of a year 6 student coming to Rednock School next September who had gone back to college herself in order to get more qualifications. That is fantastic! When life is that busy as a parent and you devote the time to be a lifelong learner then you have my respect. ‘Chapeau’ as professional cyclists say to demonstrate respect.
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June 10th  ·  

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Attendance and Punctuality Winner 24th May 2019.

The winner of the prize draw for full attendance and punctuality Reianna Aquino – congratulations Reianna.
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June 7th  ·  

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