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“Welcome to the Rednock School website.  I hope that you find the details about the school informative and helpful.

We are a fully comprehensive school where every child matters.  I am passionate about this philosophy; we do not select by ability or income – we want to improve children’s lives so that they are equipped for their next steps in a global society.

Rednock School is an ambitious and aspirational place; every student should achieve their potential whatever their starting point.  Exam outcomes are critical for today’s students to make positive steps in their lives.  In order to deliver the excellent education that every student deserves we provide a supportive and caring environment.  All of our staff are committed to taking care of students’ needs – both academically and pastorally.  In my experience of over 37 years in education, I believe that Rednock provides the best care and attention, second to none.

I am proud of the students, staff and the school.  We want to engage all of our community in this vision of excellence and the desire to achieve it.  I hope that the website will interest you in looking at the school and joining us.  I look forward to meeting you.”

David Alexander, Head Teacher   


Upcoming Events

Year 11 Report Due Home
Tue 26 Mar 2019
Year 8 Left Population Parents' Consultation Meeting
Tue 26 Mar 2019
Year 8 Right Population Parents' Consultation Meeting
Thu 04 Apr 2019
End of Term 4
Fri 05 Apr 2019
Easter Holiday
Mon 08 Apr 2019
Term 5 Starts
Tue 23 Apr 2019
Year 12 Report Due Home
Thu 25 Apr 2019

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Latest News

Head Teacher Blog #24

What a beautiful weekend. The weather was nearly Mediterranean! This week I have one fantastic story to tell you about our students this week.

Noah Goddard in year 8 is a big football fan. Mandy Price , one of four excellent Community Support Officers, managed to get Harry Redknapp’s autograph for Noah . Even better, she has spoken so eloquently about Noah that Harry wants to meet him and keeps track of his progress via Mandy. What a great thing to do – Mandy and Harry!

Inspirational, I am sure you agree. Last week was also saw great success for many of our female students the Girls U16’s Football squad came 3rd in the county and one of our year 11 girls has persevered to achieve her goal to join the army, to specialise in transport and communications, later this year. This is representative of other student successes in tandem with amazing support from the staff at Rednock. Together, with you supportive parents, the students are achieving great things.

And talking of great things; Swindon 4, Morecambe 0!

Hope you had a lovely week.
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March 25th  ·  

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Highest Rewards Points 15th March 2019

Students with the highest rewards points this week - well done to them.

The average rewards points per student per community are now:
Brunel - 58.78
Darwin - 64.30
Hubble - 59.40
Jenner - 63.43

Great work all.
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March 21st  ·  

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Attendance and Punctuality Winner 15th March 2019.

The winner of the prize draw for full attendance and punctuality Jack Wayman – congratulations Jack.
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March 20th  ·  

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Head Teacher Blog #23
The second strand of the mobile phones’ survey has now been completed. Staff had responded to the same questions which went to you as parents/carers. Once again, I am pleased with the depth of the discussion and the thought which has gone into the commentary. On Wednesday 20th March, as part of our well-being day, students are being asked what they think. It should be fascinating once we piece it all together. It has been a great exercise in seeking people’s opinions and responding to what is best for the students. It has drawn attention from newspapers and radio stations. I hope that they recognise the quality of the debate and the community’s commitment to supporting achievement for our students.

Some of Rednock’s students are quiet and unassuming. They get on with their work and achieve well despite facing some barriers and difficulties. At lunchtimes, the year 7 Homework club offers personalised support for students who find the work daunting or feel anxious about the work. Students can choose to use laptops and ask questions of Mrs Wetson, a teaching assistant who leads the club. It is a peaceful haven for those students and they thrive! The year 7 students are positive about the experience: “It really helps me get my homework done; I can work without any distractions”.

Another quiet and unassuming student in year7, Harry Miles is doing extraordinarily well. Harry has autism and finds communicating with others a real challenge. Certain people and voices cause real anxiety (he gives me a wide berth on occasions!). Yet he is doing so well. There are 1200 students at Rednock School; you can imagine that sometimes it’s a noisy, busy environment. Harry not only manages to cope but is beginning to interact with his peers and is becoming more and more confident each passing day. This is an amazing achievement. The school trip to London was a real highlight for him. According to mum, Harry still talks enthusiastically about the Natural History Museum. Harry is a shining example of what can be achieved in partnership between parents, students and school. That three way interaction is critical to success, I believe. Your role as parents/carers is so important in shaping the students, enabling them to succeed. Thank you for all that you do. As a parent myself, I know how difficult it is to do and how you are always being tested!

The school’s motto is: - “Quality, partnership, success” for the reasons which I have stated above. It is never truer than in today’s complex society where there are so many challenges for our young people.

On Thursday, I heard that a prestigious job at the Houses of Parliament - supporting MPs in their critical roles at a high level - had 6 candidates. Why do I mention this? Well, because two of the six candidates were ex- Rednock School students! Extraordinary. A comprehensive community school had provided two people who will be helping shape the future of our country. One of our ex- students has been offered the role. Amazing! Watch this space!
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March 19th  ·  

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Attendance and Punctuality Winner 8th March 2019.

The winner of the prize draw for full attendance and punctuality Evie Yorke – congratulations Evie.
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March 15th  ·  

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