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“Welcome to the Rednock School website.  I hope that you find the details about the school informative and helpful.

We are a fully comprehensive school where every child matters.  I am passionate about this philosophy; we do not select by ability or income – we want to improve children’s lives so that they are equipped for their next steps in a global society.

Rednock School is an ambitious and aspirational place; every student should achieve their potential whatever their starting point.  Exam outcomes are critical for today’s students to make positive steps in their lives.  In order to deliver the excellent education that every student deserves we provide a supportive and caring environment.  All of our staff are committed to taking care of students’ needs – both academically and pastorally.  In my experience of over 37 years in education, I believe that Rednock provides the best care and attention, second to none.

I am proud of the students, staff and the school.  We want to engage all of our community in this vision of excellence and the desire to achieve it.  I hope that the website will interest you in looking at the school and joining us.  I look forward to meeting you.”

David Alexander, Head Teacher   


Upcoming Events

Year 9 HPV Vaccinations
Tue 28 Jan 2020
Year 9 Report 2 Due Home
Thu 30 Jan 2020
Year 13 Parents' Consultation Meeting
Thu 30 Jan 2020
Year 12 Report 2 Due Home
Thu 06 Feb 2020
Year 13 Report 2 Due Home
Thu 06 Feb 2020
KS4 Options Evening for Year 9 Students & Parents/Carers
Thu 06 Feb 2020
6th Form Admission Interviews
Wed 12 Feb 2020

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Latest News

Head Teacher Blog # 16

Today was a stunning day – there was bright sunshine on a crisp, frosty day and it really lifted the spirits. It made me thankful for such a lovely day and the ability to run for miles. Being grateful and acknowledging that on a daily basis improves your mind set making it more positive and lengthens your life. It certainly makes you more resilient and able to tackle the challenges which life will invariably throw at you.
That leads me to those students who are facing examinations this year. There appears to be several months left, but if you focus on the number of school days left, that apparent length of time, shortens dramatically. Please check my maths but I calculate 66 days left in school for years 11 and 13! Now is the time to prepare revision timetables, ensuring that plenty of breaks are factored in and focusing upon the revision method which works best for your child. That could be writing out the answers, listening to the topics, drawing ‘mind maps’, creating small revision cards or being tested by parents. It doesn’t matter as long as the revision takes place and the learning is happening.
I met two ex-students in ASDA on Saturday; they did just that – got the qualifications they wanted and needed to go onto the next step. One was training as a nurse, the other worked in an engineering firm. Both girls were examples of success; they had thought through their paths and worked hard to get there. It is all in the planning. As parents/carers, you can help in an advisory manner, giving them suggestions and prompts.
It is one of the many pleasures of my job to see how ex- students are doing. On Friday, I invited other Stroud school heads to Rednock to discuss how we could all work together to ensure that the provision which we put in place is appropriate for students. That means differentiating the offer so that it fits with individual needs as much as possible. We are all different and so need different things. I hope that Stroud schools can work together to make the offer as varied and engaging as possible. Watch this space!
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January 20th  ·  

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Head Teacher Blog # 15

A bright and sunny weekend but breezy blew away the cobwebs.; it focused my mind on our 5-year strategy which we have been working on, in school.

It entails looking at where we want to be and what we have to do to get there. After 7 years of managing the budget tightly, the future looks promising for us. We have increased numbers of students (lots of parental choice being exercised in our favour – which is great to see) and the promise of extra funding in April 2020. That enables us to plan increased staffing to build capacity and enable more small group work or even more 1:1. In addition to that we are looking at providing extra support for those students who need it the most – those with additional needs. It is an exciting time for us; we now need to plan our approach to getting and using the resources needed to bring these aspirations about.

On the Inset day, we talked about what else we want to do over the next five year; build an exciting and engaging creative curriculum at KS3 which delivers the knowledge and the skills for modern life as well as enabling the students to achieve the next step for them – whatever that may be. KS3 is a priority for us as it establishes good working habits and the platform for the examinations in KS4 and 5. Ofsted’s focus on a broad and balanced curriculum is really important to us – we believe in a wide range of performance measures – from the traditional progress measures to those skills which make professional life so much easier: working in a team; organisational skills; IT skills, planning and analysing; sequencing; being able to see the bigger picture and so on. That is why destination data (where the students end up after GCSE and post 16) is critical to see if we have provided a robust and successful education for all of our students.

On Friday evening at 4.30pm, I met with a member of staff who wanted to know what he could do to further the inclusion agenda of Rednock. I never fail to be impressed by the dedication and care of the staff; that passion to support all of our community of learners is what marks this out as a very special team.

And of course, that gives me a perfect lead in to celebrate a team performance of excellence on Saturday; first v third with the superb Swindon town triumphing again. A perfect weekend.
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January 14th  ·  

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Already Reaping The Benefits

We would like to thank the whole of our school community for the support of the removal of mobile phones from our school day. We have had a very affirming first week. The atmosphere around the school is positive and we are noticing improvements already in areas such as punctuality to lessons. It clearly goes further as students are already reaping the benefits indeed one took the time to let the Head know how this simple action has already had a positive impact.

"Since the mobile phone ban I have found that already lessons are being easier. Although my peers may moan about it, I have already improved. Its improved my mental health and also makes me happier within school as everyone is talking to each other. Learning wise everyone seems so much more engaged already!"

We understand that this has not been popular with everyone but are buoyed by this great feedback. We would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all the students and staff as well as our wider community for supporting us with this action.
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January 11th  ·  

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Head Teacher Blog # 14

January 2020

A brand-new decade a brand-new year! I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.
I have been thinking about the start of the new term; I have been reading a book which I got for Christmas: “A manifesto for excellence in schools”. Its fascinating; the author (Rob Carpenter) is a primary head teacher who has moved several schools form special measures to outstanding. He has done this by working with his local community – defined as the staff, students, governors, parents and people outside in the locality. In his words: climate, culture, collaboration make the difference.

If we work together towards a common aim – school improvement for the students to improve their futures, then we can create a climate and a culture where we can work harmoniously. This is critical because the culture is all pervasive; that means that everyone will do the right thing because the culture leads their behaviours. It seems so simple. I think of our students when we do the fire drills. They are so well behaved and attentive that it is impressive. It is the best that I have ever seen in a school. I believe that this is because the culture has been set and the students have ‘bought into’ that culture.

Last September, I added Aristotle’s famous saying to the bottom of my emails: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not then an act but a habit ".

If we create a culture where we all work on the right things, together, then we will succeed in making our children’s lives better. That sounds like a great way to welcome in the new decade.
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January 6th  ·  

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Happy Christmas and New Year.

Have a great holiday, see you all in the New Year. Term starts for students Tuesday 7th January.
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December 22nd  ·  

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