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“Welcome to the Rednock School website.  I hope that you find the details about the school informative and helpful.

We are a fully comprehensive school where every child matters.  I am passionate about this philosophy; we do not select by ability or income – we want to improve children’s lives so that they are equipped for their next steps in a global society.

Rednock School is an ambitious and aspirational place; every student should achieve their potential whatever their starting point.  Exam outcomes are critical for today’s students to make positive steps in their lives.  In order to deliver the excellent education that every student deserves we provide a supportive and caring environment.  All of our staff are committed to taking care of students’ needs – both academically and pastorally.  In my experience of over 37 years in education, I believe that Rednock provides the best care and attention, second to none.

I am proud of the students, staff and the school.  We want to engage all of our community in this vision of excellence and the desire to achieve it.  I hope that the website will interest you in looking at the school and joining us.  I look forward to meeting you.”

David Alexander, Head Teacher   


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Head Teacher Blog #2 2019 - 2020

Three things prompted me to write this particular blog…I had a personal medical MOT this week; a colleague of mine announced his resignation from headship and the third was an old photo of me when I worked in the tomato factory…………How are they linked? Life’s purpose. Sounds melodramatic but it isn’t! The resignation of my colleague was due to the pressures of the job and the interminable nature of those pressures. If you are a leader you expect pressure; that’s what leaders do. Sometimes it becomes too much and you need to think of yourself not others.

My medical MOT brought the question about my health – physical and mental. One of the questions was about my job and what stresses which I face on a day to day basis. I think that the doctor was expecting was me to tell him about the pressures. I have to say that – of course I face pressures – but I love my job; I love going to work. It is a privilege to work with such great people – students and staff. I am sure that I have said this before, but the students will cheer me up whatever mood I am in at the start of the day. They always make me laugh, either deliberately or inadvertently.

The photo was in a drawer; my daughters were looking at old photos and laughing at how we have all changed. Out popped a really old picture of me when I was working one summer at a tomato factory which packaged them for supermarkets. It was one of my happiest memories. It was one of the worst jobs that I have ever done but the people there made me laugh so much that I can never remember ever being miserable there. The job was not rewarding: the employees had to pick out tomatoes on a moving conveyor belt and ensure that certain tomatoes went to different supermarkets or were dumped in the ketchup tub -all at a rate of knots. What made it a happy place was that the people had created a sense of purpose in keeping themselves happy despite the sheer hard work. ( By the way, I have never eaten ketchup since that summer – three guesses why!).

A sense of purpose is linked to good health, an enjoyment of life and less stress – you live longer!

I want the students to have this sense of purpose. Its really hard when you are young, to establish this because you simply do not know what the future will bring. If, however, you can create a sense of purpose in what you do and have a love of learning, then you are there. Think about it; people who live a long time are those who are curious, those who learn on a daily basis. We can all learn and gain a sense of purpose and from that achievement. It doesn’t have to be something amazing – just amazing to you.

My magic moment this week was fixing the cistern in the toilet. Not exactly earth shattering but I had never done it before!

I hope that you too have a great learning moment and that sense of achievement. It will help you live longer and in better health. Carpe diem! (that was my deputy’s point of learning; not sure that she was too impressed with my Latin teaching though!).
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September 16th  ·  

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Well Done Harry.

Harry Anderson and the U13s Longlevens Rugby team were lucky enough to play on the Twickenham pitch before the crowd gathering for the England vs Ireland warm up match in preparation for the Rugby World cup in Japan later this month.

The day was about giving the children the opportunity to experience the Twickenham stadium, play on the pitch, perform the guard of honour and watch the England game.

As you can imagine the boys had a fantastic time! Well done all.
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September 13th  ·  

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Head Teacher Blog #1 2019-2020

Welcome back! I hope that you had a fantastic summer. We are back into the swing of things – seems as though we have never been away.

At this time of the year, it feels as though we should be making new resolutions. We do make our aims and goals for the forthcoming academic year. It would be intriguing to find out how many of you did that – formally or just in conversation – with your children. I mark the years by noting what stage my own children have reached. Sometimes I think, ‘what was I doing at their age?’. That is usually quite telling and makes me remember that we all are on a journey rather than being the finished article.

We all measure things – but it is what we measure that is important. “Weighing the pig doesn’t make it fatter” is the phrase that leaps to mind. It’s an old-fashioned saying which means that we can spend so much time weighing the pig that we lose sight of the end goal. For me the really important measure of school is about the students’ opportunity to go onto their next chosen step of their career path. Qualifications are essential, but skills and qualities are as important. When I interview, I am looking for the best qualifications but I am also looking at the person’s characteristics and skills. I once worked with someone whose qualifications were the best that I had ever seen. However that person was one of the worst teachers I have ever known because they could not relate to the students; the person did not have the interpersonal skills necessary to teach. How many of you out there, got your jobs based upon your skills and your qualities?

So our goals are about excellent GCSE/BTec and A level results but also about destination data – where did our students end up; was it where they wanted to be? I am so pleased that Ofsted have recognised the importance of this. Destination data will be analysed in the new round of inspections. Amanda Speilman the Head of Ofsted has declared that schools must have a “ Clear and ambitious vision for high quality inclusive education for all”. That is what we are trying to achieve at Rednock School – excellence for all is the key at a School where everyone matters.

I am delighted that the new year coincides (nearly) with the start of the football season (and NFL but that’s another story!). Swindon are fifth as I write – let’s hope that the playoffs are achievable. The destination goal for the club is League one. Our destination goal is to get everyone to where they want to be at the end of their seven year journey.
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September 9th  ·  

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Year 7 Show My Homework Parent Login Information.

Please remember that our priority is to provide the students with their login details and support their login and familiarisation process before we release parent login details. This is all well under way in IT lessons. If you want to know what it looks like and how it all works, it would be good to get your son or daughter to show you. This will be excellent practice for them.
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September 9th  ·  

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