Exam Information for Students

Internal Examinations 

Every student who is starting an examination course from September 2019 must read the following documents

Information for candidates: for written exams  

Information for candidates: non-examination assessments

Information for candidates: using social media and examinations/assessments

Information for Year 12 Students

Only Year 12 Mathematical Studies students will be sitting a 90 minute ‘Mock Exam’ paper on Monday 13th January 2020, in the 6th Form Common Room, from 8.40am.

The Year 12 Mock Exams will take place from the 15th to 19th June 2020.

Information for Year 13 Students

Year 13 Mock Exam Timetable

Year 13 Check List

Information for Year 10 Students

Year 10 Mock Exams Timetable

Information for Year 11 Students

Year 11 Mock Exams Timetable

External Exams – November 2019

Results will be published and available to students on Thursday 16th January 2020 from 9am in the Exams Office.

External Exams – January 2020 

Year 11 & Year 13 BTEC Timetable for External Assessments

Year 11 & Year 13 Check Lists

Summer Examination 2020 


Examination Officer – Contact Details

Mrs S Sellar

Email: sue.sellar@rednockschool.org.uk

Direct Line: 01453 540720