Exam Information for Students

Internal Examinations 

Every student who is starting an examination course from September 2020 must read the following documents

Information for candidates: for written exams  

Information for candidates: non-examination assessments

Information for candidates: using social media and examinations/assessments

Information for Year 12 Students

Information for Year 13 Students

Information for Year 10 Students

Information for Year 11 Students

External Exams – Autumn Examination Series 2020

As previously announced, in England only, there will be a full series of GCE A, AS and GCSE in all subjects available in the Autumn series.

If you consider, after careful consideration, that the grade awarded in a particular subject, is not reflective of what you might have achieved had you been able to sit the exam, and does not enable you to move onto the next phase in your life, then please complete an Entry Request Form.

As detailed in the letter preparation for this exam series will not be included in the timetabling for September. Revision and preparation will ultimately rest with the student.

External Exams – January 2021

Summer Examinations 2020 

In light of the recent changes, Exam Boards have generated a calculated grade that reflects the highest grade for each student from the centre assessed grade and the algorithm. This represents the best grade for the students from this calculation.

Please read the letters below which will be included with your grades so that you are fully informed about what to do next.

YEAR 11 LATEST UPDATE – Wednesday 19th August 2020 – Please click here to read the Year 11 Summer Results 2020 letter.

YEAR 11, 12 & 13 STUDENTS – IMPORTANT UPDATE – IMPORTANT UPDATE – Pearson have published the following letter on Friday 21st August to all BTEC students – Please click here to view the letter.

BTEC Qualifications – Thursday 20th August 2020

We received a communication from Pearson, one of the Examining Boards, at very late notice yesterday (Wednesday 19th August) regarding the BTEC qualifications. Following the announcement earlier this week regarding the change in approach to grading GCSE and A-Level qualifications, Pearson are now reviewing their BTEC qualifications to fall in line with this approach.

As a result of this review, the BTEC grades that are on the current results documentation are provisional as they are now subject to a review by the examining board. We will contact you with your final BTEC grades as soon as we receive the confirmed results from Pearson. We apologise for this but we were only notified of this change yesterday evening.

Update on Appeals Process – Tuesday 25th August 2020

Please use the following link to view the most up to date guidance from Ofqual.

If you would like to make an appeal please use the Rednock School – Summer 2020 Appeals Process. Please click here to download the Summer 2020 Appeals Form. The deadline for completing this form is Friday 4th September 2020. Please email your form to Mrs S Sellar – sue.sellar@rednockschool.org.uk

Friday 21st August 2020 

On Thursday 20th August, Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) updated their guidance on ‘Awarding of GCSE, AS and A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths – summer 2020’ which includes a section on this year’s appeals process (see pages 4 and 5). We are awaiting further guidance and information from the examination boards regarding this appeals procedure and will update the website as we receive the information. In the meantime, if you have a concern or query regarding your results, then please contact the school’s Data Team via email: datateam@rednockschool.org.uk

YEAR 12 & 13 LATEST UPDATE – Wednesday 19th August 2020 – Please click here to read the Year 12 & Year 13 Summer Results 2020 letter.

Examination Officer – Contact Details

Mrs S Sellar

Email: sue.sellar@rednockschool.org.uk

Direct Line: 01453 540720