Rednock School offers comprehensive and supportive provision for our students with special educational needs.

SEND Provision at Rednock School, 2018 onwards

During Term 6 2018, the SEND provision at Rednock School was reviewed.

The review had several action points:

  • Speedier communication with parents / carers;
  • Increase the frequency of the review of individual student provision;
  • Closer involvement of students in the process of reviewing provision;
  • Increase the formal interaction between teaching assistants and students at social time.

We have completely revamped the leadership of the SEND Department, calling it Learning Support.  By increasing the leadership, we are able to address the action points above and better meet individual student needs.

We have joined the existing resources from The Link for vulnerable students to the SEND area, making it better resourced.

Mrs Hemper is the SENDCo and has the strategic overview.  She has over 30 years teaching experience and has been a senior leader for the past 15 years.  She has line managed the department for the past 10 years and is therefore knowledgeable concerning students and their needs.

Mrs Clements has been appointed to the post of Assistant SENDCo and she is the operational lead.  She has over 20 years’ experience in SEN across all key stages and is particularly skilled in the implementation of personalised plans to support students.

We have a skilled and experienced team of teaching assistants who are effectively deployed to support student need to maximum effect.  Students and parents tell us that they feel supported, especially with the transition from Primary to Secondary.

The SEND provision has been praised by outside agencies, including Ofsted.

We welcome prospective students and parents / carers to visit the school during the working day to see for themselves.  We are proud of what we offer; come and see for yourselves.  It is important that you see the school demonstrating that “Every Child Matters”.

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